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Airview of Pichilemu long left. Punta de Lobos consistent an extremely long wave. All week uncrowd spots. Another view of Punta de Lobos Check this long waves.

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Nice nature stages A view of Dunamar cabins Carrages surfaris. Chile-Espaņa's hotel interior galleries. The last century fachada Chile-Espaņa hotel.


Pichilemu is a small town located in the central zone of Chile, is one of the most beautiful places with natural surrounding areas and exotic atmosphere.

It has a Mediterranean weather, with temperature average of 18ēC. Its waves are very long, mostly lefts break points and a high of 2 meters approx.

Pichilemu can be visited during the whole year, but we recommended visits between September and May.

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Equipment requirements

During autumn and winter season (May – September): we recommend wetsuits and boots of 4/3mm (gloves and head cover are optional)

During spring and summer season (October – April): we recommend the same wetsuits and boots, but in this case is optional.

Surfboard of 6.6 to 7.6 feet (recommended 6.10 feet)

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Pichilemu has very good hotels, with the accommodations that a surfer requires. We have established business agreements with two of the hotels in the area.

Hotel Chile-Espaņa: Located in the middle of the town, built early this century with a Spanish architecture style all kept in exellent conditions. It has double bed rooms with single beds, private bathroom and continental breakfast.

Dunamar resort: These cabins are in the out side of the town, in front of the beach. Close by to one of the best surfing areas (Punta de Lobos). It has cabins for 4 or 6 persons, private bathroom, frigo bar, kitchen, pool, etc...

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Package details

This package is base in a group of 4 persons with double bedrooms.

Transportation from the airport to Pichilemu and back from Pichilemu to the airport (vehicle: Toyota van or similar)

7 days and 6 nights, including continental breakfast.

Bilingual guide with experience in surfing.

Visits to different surfing beaches of the zone.

  Don’t let this wave go by,Pichilemu is waiting.

For details information and prices contact us.

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